The Industry We Want

The Industry We Want

by Dunja Hoejenbos

The Industry We Want

The Industry We Want (TIWW) is a multi-stakeholder initiative launched to drive industry-wide progress across the garment and footwear sector.

TIWW envisages a garment and footwear industry that realises its full potential to ensure dignity for workers in decent jobs, thriving businesses along the supply chain and a positive impact on the planet.

TIWW Industry Dashboard
To realise their vision of a just and resilient garment sector, TIWW has developed a set of industry-wide metrics to measure progress of the sector on an annual basis and galvanise action across the social, commercial and environmental spheres. The Industry Dashboard, launched in early 2022, features the first iteration of industry-wide scores on three critical issues: the living wage gap, purchasing practices and GHG emissions. It synthesises extensive wage data on 21 garment-producing countries, feedback from more than 500 suppliers across 46 countries, and new estimates of apparel sector emissions. Data for each of these metrics will be updated on an annual basis to gauge how the industry is progressing and ask bigger, stronger questions about how to support, stimulate and scale progress to transform the industry.

Purchasing Practices Metric On 3rd October 2022, TIWW launched the second cycle of their purchasing practice metric which is powered by the Better Buying Institute’s Partnership Index SurveyTM – a short, accessible set of 15 questions for manufacturers about the relationships with their brand partners. By giving manufacturers an opportunity to share their voices anonymously, the survey can offer tangible insights into current supply chain risks. Insights gained can empower manufacturers when negotiating with their brand partners and fairer terms can be agreed on. This way, the initiative encourages building equal partnerships between manufacturers and brands.

Aggregated findings will be presented at the OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector and showcase developments since last year’s cycle. Having two consecutive scores to compare allows TIWW to monitor changes in behaviour and hold brands to account. The initiative aims to disaggregate data further in future cycles. This is only possible if the response rate is high enough to maintain suppliers’ anonymity. The more manufacturers participate in this year’s cycle, the more valuable the insights will be.

The Industry We Want has collated key information on the second cycle of their purchasing practice metric for manufacturers here.

The survey is open until 11th November 2022.

Learn more about how you can contribute to this metric in their FAQ. Do you want to learn more about The Industry We Want? You can find them at or join their online community on LinkedIn and Twitter.