Study Tour

Study Tour

by beheerder
This year, Dhaka will be the fascinating backdrop for the 2022 Study Tour. The vibrant city is the main apparel manufacturing hub in the country, it is an excellent backdrop when communicating the pivotal role of manufacturers in the industry’s transition. 
Bangladesh is also home to a large number of apparel manufacturing factories. The study tour will give participants a clear view of the level of the Bangladeshi apparel industry as a whole.

Study Tour

The Study Tour will run from Wednesday November 16 till Thursday November 17. It will be a combination of both factory visits and social and cultural activities. The objective of the Study Tour is therefore twofold:

1. To offer participants a quick but valuable insight into the apparel ecosystem of the host country.
2. To offer a unique and memorable experience as a great backdrop for creating lasting business and global relations in the apparel industry.

The price for the study tour has been set at a price of € 100.- excl. VAT for two full days including all transportation, lunches, dinners, entry fees and organization costs. If you wish to join the Study Tour for one day, either November 16 or November 17, then please book your ticket for the day of your choice. The price for 1 day is set at € 50.- excl. VAT.

Because delegates are most likely already staying in the Convention hotel, the Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden Hotel, this hotel will be the hotel for the Study Tour as well. When you book your hotel room at the Convention hotel, you can already extend your stay, or you can choose to add  the required nights to your reservation at a later stage. The required nights of hotel accomodations are excluded in the prices mentioned above.

Registration for the Study Tour is already open, please see the registration page.