Entry Tickets

The IAF World Fashion Convention grants special prices on the regular entry tickets and study tour tickets to IAF members, members of IAF member industry associations and clients and relations of IAF corporate or associate members. If you are unclear whether or not you are eligible for the reduced rate, please check with Matthijs Crietee. If you register and pay for a reduced ticket price and you are not eligible for this discount, you will receive an additional invoice covering the price difference between the regular price and the discounted price.

This year, the Study Tour will run from Wednesday November 16 till Thursday November 17. It will be a combination of both factory visits and social and cultural activities. The price for the study tour has been set at a price of € 100.- excl. VAT for two full days including all transportation, lunches, dinners, entry fees and organization costs. If you wish to join the Study Tour for one day, either November 16 or November 17, then please book your ticket for the day of your choice. The price for 1 day is set at € 50.- excl. VAT. Hotel accomodations are not included.

Please also see this page for more information about the Study Tour.

 Ticket  Price in € excl. VAT
 Conference Programme – Members  € 295.-
 Conference Programme – Non-Members  € 595.-
 Study Tour – 1 day only (Members & Non-Members)  € 50.-
 Study Tour – 2 days (Members & Non-Members)  € 100.-


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